All of our programs meet the food and nutrition regulations.


We have posted menus that rotate every four weeks.

Registration is $30.00 per child charged upon enrollment and again the first of each calendar year.


*Helpful hint for Parents and Guardians regarding required medical information:

If you are having difficulties obtaining your child's immunization records, you can call the Department of Health in Bridgewater at 902-543-0850. They will fax the child's full health record to you after providing them with the child's full name and date-of-birth. Just bring us a copy of this record, and that's all we need to meet licensing requirements!

School Age Care

Monday - Friday:  Chester  |  Bayview School

Childrens' needs are met through an environment that provides many opportunities for exploration and independent choice. Children have the opportunity for large-muscle activies in both indoor and outdoor play areas.


The program is flexible, and the environment is designed for children to learn through play and active involvement, block play, creative art, dramatic play, math and science, singing and listening to music, games and puzzles.

Teachers will communicate with parents information about the child on a daily basis.

Full-time, 5 days per week

$14.65 per day

$31.55 per day, full-day

$20.30 per day, embedded time*

Part-time, 1 to 4 days per week

$16.90 per day

$33.80 per day, full-day

$22.50 per day, embedded time*

Before School (Chester only)

$9.85 per day (includes breakfast)

*Embedded time, dismissal at 12:22pm


5 days per week

$35.00 per day, full-time, full-day

1-4 days per week

$37.20 per day, part-time, full-day


$39.35 per day

Infant Room (6 to 17 months)

Monday - Friday​:  7:00am - 6:00pm

The infant cirriculum is based on developing positive relationships in the growth and development of the children. Infants learn by experiencing the environment through their senses - seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and feeling.

Teachers greet infants and parents warmly and enthusiastically each day, and respond to the infants' needs, helping to foster trust in their caregiver while feeling safe and secure in their environment. Infant reports including pertinent information about the infant's day (feeding, diaper changes, sleeping time) are shown to parents on a daily basis.


Toddler Room (18 to 35 months)

Monday - Friday:  7:00am - 6:00pm​

Toddlers are given a wide variety of age-appropriate art media and are provided the opportunity to explore and manipulate the materials. They learn about the world around them through regular routine tasks - diaper changing, toilet learning, eating and other routines will be viewed as learning experiences.

Each day includes plenty of teacher-child contact, with teachers supporting the children as they acquire more skills. Teachers play with children modeling for them how to play imaginatively. Children have opportunities for exploratory activities and large-muscle play in both indoor and outdoor play areas.

Every day has a set routine, but schedules will be flexible and dictated by the childrens' needs. Parents are provided daily reports, sharing any pertinent information about the child.

5 days per week

$33.80 per day, full-time, full-day

1-4 days per week

$36.05 per day, part-time, full-day


$39.40 per day


5 days per week

$31.55 per day, full-time, full-day

1-4 days per week

$33.80 per day, part-time, full-day


$37.15 per day

Pre-School Room (3 to 5 years)

Monday - Friday​

We offer two Pre-School programs, the Junior Pre-School Program for children 2 ½ to 4 years of age, and the Senior Pre-School Program for children 3 ½ to 5 years of age.

Teachers provide experiences that meet the childrens' needs and stimulate learning in all developmental areas, including physical, emotional, social, and intellectual. They faciliate the children's learning by asking questions, adding more ideas or materials, and by making suggestions. Teachers also update parents on a regular basis about their child's development.

Children will learn through interaction with teachers, active exploration, materials and other children. They will use their large motor skills everyday as they play in both the indoor and outdoor play areas.



Playgroup is a socialization time for children aged six months to five years old. We play, do arts and crafts, have snacks and sing songs. Children have lots of fun together in a safe and supervised environment 

For more information on Playgroup, please call 902-275-4347. We can answer any questions you may have, and discuss getting your child involved.


Donations are appreciated!

Includes snack and craft supplies