Each classroom has separate drop off and pick up locations. Only staff and children enter the building. Each class has a separate exit to use. No children will be in the hallways.  All items each group will need will be in their classroom. Each child has their own personal bin for their belongings.

On your child's first day, you will have to read and sign to confirm you have read and didn't answer yes to any of the questions on the child screening tool. Hand sanitizer is supplied outside of each drop off location and all pens will be sanitized between use.
You will be asked every day at drop off, if you have reviewed the screening tool and have not answered yes to any of the questions before your child can enter their classroom. A copy was sent to your email and also was posted in the Facebook page, included in the Covid-19 Guide for Child Care Settings. A copy is also posted in the Blog section of this website.

Any questions or concerns, please call 902-275-4347, email info@chesterfamilycentre.ca or message through Facebook.